Protect your eyes with Blue Light Filter Glasses from Optically.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is in reality, all around us. When we are outdoors, we are exposed to the blue light present in the atmosphere. While the sun is the most prominent source of natural blue light, other sources of blue light include screens such as computers, smartphones, televisions, tablets etc. Increased exposure to blue light emitted by digital screens is known to cause eye-strain, blurry vision and irritation in the eyes.

computer glasses

How do Blue Light Blocking Glasses help?

Blue Lens Glasses help filter out the harmful blue light that causes cause macular degeneration in our later years of life. Long usage of digital devices such as computers, smartphones is harmful for the eyes. Using blue light lenses has several benefits such as

  • Blue light protection
  • Reduced screen glare
  • Reduced eye strain