Presbiopia and it's causes


Presbyopia means 'aging eye'. While some optometrists refer to it as a disease, it is in reality, an age-related eye condition that makes itdifficult for us to see objects that may be placed close to us.

For example, a book or a phone.

You'll notice if you have it, because the ability to see close-up objects gets progressively worse. There is no real reason of concern when we are asked to wear reading glasses. Very often, even those who have never used prescription glasses all their life, may need reading glasses after the age of 40.

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Reading Glasses

When do you need reading glasses?

The use of technology from early years is causing several eye related problems. Digital devices emit harmful blue light which weaken our eye muscles. As a result, reading glasses may be required at an early age. Often, people opt for ready readers. These readers act as reading glasses by magnifying the image. This then enables us to read small print clearly.


Relieve your Eyes

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Lens Coating

Opting for ready readers is like opting for cheap reading eyeglasses. Cheap reading glasses may not be glazed with the exact prescription that is required for your eyes. The lenses may also not have the coatings that are required to protect our eyes. When you buy reading glasses from Optically, you can be assured that the lenses will be made exactly to your prescription and as per the lens coatings selected by you.

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Photochromic lenses

Anti-reflective coating

This coating helps eliminate the glare and reflection. It is especially useful while looking at smartphones, driving and watching television.

Anti reflective coating

Photochromic or transition lenses

Your reading glasses could turn dark outdoors and clear indoors. This keeps your eyes safe when you are reading at the beach or anywhere in the outdoors.

Progressive lenses

Multifocal or progressive lenses

If you need glasses for distance as well as reading use, you should opt for multifocal lenses. These lenses perform a dual function and you can use one pair for both, distance as well as reading use.

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