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  3. If you have a prescription, you could opt for prescription blue coat lenses which is what is included in computer glasses. However, did you know that even if you do not have a prescription, wearing computer glasses is healthy for the eyes? You can select this option online.
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Digittal Eye-strain

Our dependence on technology increased significantly, and this has led to increased usage of computers and smartphones. An increased urban population today suffers from Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which occurs due to long hours spent on digital devices.

LED screens are known to emit blue light. Lenses with blue light protection or blue coat lenses, filter the blue light out and protect our eyes. In essence, if you spend over 3 hours a day using your computer or smartphone, you need blue coat lenses. Do your eyes a favour and reduce the strain by opting for Computer glasses or digital blue coat lenses.

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Relieve your Eyes

Computer prescription glasses eliminate blue light by acting like a filter between the eyes and the screen. The blue light radiation is filtered out by blue coat lenses to reduce the glare and strain created. It is vital to note that an anti-reflection coating is different from blue coat lenses. Blue coat lenses have a special blue coating to significantly reduce the blue light radiation caused to the eye. You can visit our eyewear studio at 155 Australia Lane, Woollahra, NSW 2025 for a personal demonstration of how Computer eyeglasses can keep your eyes protected. Alternatively, you can opt for computer glasses online by choosing our special blue coat lens package.

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Lens Coating

Whether or not you have a prescription, using digital blue coat lenses is essential if you use computers and smartphones for over 3 hours a day. Selecting Computer glasses at Optically is easy. All you need to do is select a blue coat lens package. This essentially means having computer glasses. We recommend even those who do not have a prescription, to opt for Computer eyeglasses. Choose from our range of over 3000 frames and keep your eyes safe. Remember, you can shop for computer glasses online or visit us at our eyewear studio is the beautiful eastern of Sydney. We offer a 100% Money Back guarantee on our range of computer eyeglasses.

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100% Fit Guarantee

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