Need glasses? Your doctor has provided you prescription but are you finding it difficult to understand? Well, if you want to select and order right pair of glasses for your eyes, you need to understand the prescription first. Don’t worry we will assist you in understanding your prescription.

Here are examples of usual prescriptions written by the doctors:

  1. Glossary

    • D.V. is shorthand for "distance vision" (farsighted)
    • N.V. is shorthand for "near vision" (nearsighted)
    • OD actually means "Right Eye"
    • OS actually means "Left Eye"
    • OU means "Both Eyes"
    • CYL indicates "Cylinder"
    • PD means Pupillary Distance
    • AX or X indicates "Axis"
    • Astigmatism means Optical condition that causes blurry vision
  2. Single vision prescription

    Usually people who find difficulty in seeing either far or near (any one) are prescribed for single vision lens.

  3. Bifocal/ Progressive vision prescription

    People who suffer from poor vision in near as well as far distance are prescribed bifocal or progressive glasses.


    • Your astigmatism correction ("cylinder"): Some eye-specialists write their prescriptions in plus (+) cylinder and some in minus (-) cylinder. Remember both are different. Make sure you consider this point when you enter your prescription. If you don't see anything there, leave it blank.
    • Usually doctors forget to put decimal points between the numbers. For example if the number is - 25 then it should be interpreted as 0.25 or if it is +175 then the doctor means +1.75.

    If you don't understand your prescription properly, feel free to contact us. Don't feel hesitant.