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Optically are leaders in vision correction in Australia. When you buy a pair of prescription glasses from Optically, you can be sure that you buying a pair of glasses that is made to the highest standards, from the best quality materials. Every pair of prescription glasses that you browse on our website is hand made with precision and with utmost care and responsibility.

Here’s a sneak peak of what Optically offers it’s customers in Australia-

A wide range of frames

Not too long ago, people bought prescription glasses merely for the function of vision correction. At Optically, we are changing the way people think - glasses are a fashion statement too, and can add flair and style to your outfit. We make prescription glasses so affordable that you can have a different pair of glasses for every day of the week. On our website and at our boutique showroom in Bondi, you can choose from some of the latest styles of prescription glasses, sunglasses and even big-name designer glasses. Every pair of prescription glasses is hand-picked to ensure that what you receive not only looks good, but feels good on your face, too!

Think of any style and any colour and in all probability, Optically will have the prescription glasses or designer glasses you’re looking for, all available on our website and at our boutique eyeglasses showroom in Sydney. Our range of glasses online includes the classic rectangular shape, but we certainly do not stop there. A quick browse through our site will showcase our range of the now popular round prescription glasses and cat-eye frames, as well as oval, square, wayfarers and aviators. We promise you a selection of thousands of latest styles of prescription glasses and sunglasses in Australia. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Try Glasses Online or Order for a Home Trial

In order to make it easy for you to select your glasses online, we have a wonderful feature that allows you virtually try on your favourite frames. Simply take a close-up picture when choosing a frame and, using our ground-breaking virtual try-on software, you can see what they look like on your face. Should you wish to try our frames at home, you can opt for our Home Trial Glasses service. Once you select your favourite prescription glasses, we will quickly send you our wonderful home trial kit containing your selection of up to 4 frames! Choose the one or choose none, just pop them in the post and send them back to us at absolutely no cost to you!

Prescription glasses with Digital protection lenses

When you buy glasses online, you don't just select from hundreds of frames, you also select from a wide range of prescription lenses that meet today’s stringent requirements. For example, the exposure to screens such as the phone, iPad or laptops has increased drastically over the years. Optically offers digital protection lenses that protect your eyes from the harmful blue rays that are emitted from these devices. We have a wide range of single vision lenses, bifocal lenses and varifocal/multifocal lenses that are made to precision at our optical lab, right here in Sydney, Australia.

Prescription glasses with thin and light lenses

Our standard lens thickness is a 1.56 index, which is thinner than what’s on offer at many other online prescription glasses companies. For those with a prescription above -3.00 we suggest thin and light lenses. We offer prescription lenses in a 1.61 index, 1.67 index and 1.74 index.

When you buy your prescription glasses online, remember that you have an option of choosing from a range of lens coatings. You can select an anti-reflective coating which reduces the glare and reflection on our eyes and the anti-smudge and water-repellent coatings that reduce finger prints and repels water.

You can also select from transition prescription lenses, polarised lenses and tinted lenses. Your lenses are customised to your very own requirements.

Prescription Sunglasses from the world’s best brands

Optically lives in Bondi, Sydney! We love the sun and we love heading out to the beach. When you buy a pair of prescription sunglasses from Optically, you can be assured that not only will you be buying the latest style, but you will also be saving yourself from the harmful UV rays with our range of tinted prescription lenses that you can wear outdoors all day. We carry lots of big name brands that we know you’ll love to show off while sipping on your cappucino. Remember, we are experts in eye care and we want you to love the sun, surf and sand as much as we do!

Go ahead and get yourself a wonderful new pair of prescription glasses online today. And if you wish to try these glasses at our boutique showroom, feel free to pop in and see us between 10am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Try on as many frames as you like and we'll even throw in a free coffee (we have a Nespresso machine but not a George Clooney I'm afraid ;).

Our address is:
155 Australia Lane
NSW 2025
Ph.: (02) 8006 1999

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