Safilo SA1041 PDE
wishlist Safilo SA1041 PDE
A$256 A$179
Safilo SA1019 807
wishlist Safilo SA1019 807
A$227 A$159
Safilo SA6031 GS8
wishlist Safilo SA6031 GS8
A$227 A$159
Safilo SA6017 S7V
wishlist Safilo SA6017 S7V
A$256 A$179
Safilo SA6035 CGS
wishlist Safilo SA6035 CGS
A$242 A$169
Safilo SA1021 J7D
wishlist Safilo SA1021 J7D
A$227 A$159
Safilo SA6014 WLI
wishlist Safilo SA6014 WLI
A$242 A$169
Safilo SA 6029 Y3L
wishlist Safilo SA 6029 Y3L
A$209 A$146
Safilo SA6033 GSR
wishlist Safilo SA6033 GSR
A$227 A$159
Safilo SA 6016 FGZ
wishlist Safilo SA 6016 FGZ
A$256 A$179
Safilo SA 6020 HRC
wishlist Safilo SA 6020 HRC
A$242 A$169
Safilo SA 6028 807
wishlist Safilo SA 6028 807
A$209 A$146
Safilo SA1041 2NM
wishlist Safilo SA1041 2NM
A$256 A$179
Safilo Elasta SA1038 V39
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA1038 V39
A$256 A$179
Safilo Elasta SA6021 HHS
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A$242 A$169
Safilo SA 6035 P0F
wishlist Safilo SA 6035 P0F
A$242 A$169
Safilo SA 1040 KJ1
wishlist Safilo SA 1040 KJ1
A$256 A$179
Safilo SA1028 2NM
wishlist Safilo SA1028 2NM
A$256 A$179
Safilo SA 1040 PA4
wishlist Safilo SA 1040 PA4
A$256 A$179
Safilo SA 1040 2NM
wishlist Safilo SA 1040 2NM
A$256 A$179
Safilo Elasta E8805 4S3
wishlist Safilo Elasta E8805 4S3
A$227 A$159
Safilo Elasta SA6025 V9N
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA6025 V9N
A$256 A$179
Safilo Elasta SA1059 NFS
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA1059 NFS
A$274 A$192
Safilo Elasta SA1032 OWT
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA1032 OWT
A$242 A$169
Safilo Elasta SA6005 4IT
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA6005 4IT
A$168 A$118
Safilo Elasta SA1025 HDP
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA1025 HDP
A$168 A$118
Safilo Elasta SA6012 XD1
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA6012 XD1
A$227 A$159
Safilo Elasta SA6012 086
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA6012 086
A$227 A$159
Safilo Elasta SA1025 HRL
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA1025 HRL
A$177 A$124
Safilo Elasta SA6014 WOM
wishlist Safilo Elasta SA6014 WOM
A$209 A$146
Safilo SA1019 XKY
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A$168 A$118
Safilo Glam 90 AAQ
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A$168 A$118
Safilo Glam 69 JA4
wishlist Safilo Glam 69 JA4
A$168 A$118
Safilo Glam 90 AA7
wishlist Safilo Glam 90 AA7
A$168 A$118
Safilo Elasta E5805 4S3
wishlist Safilo Elasta E5805 4S3
A$168 A$118

Safilo Glasses Online

Safilo, an Itlalian eyewear brand that crafts, produces and sells prescription glasses, frames and sunglasses, since 1934, has set a benchmark in eyewear industry. Each decade the brand cropped up with new trend in eyewear sector which usually used to become milestone style of that decade. Whether it's butterfly shape lenses of 1930s, celluloid frames of 1940s, sports model of 1950s, ovesrsized shape glasses of 1960s and 70s, lightweight frames of 1980s. Flexible and strong range of eyewear of 1990s and the current era's Safilo Diamonds eyewear - frames embedded with strass crystals, each style of eyewear is a rage among the global crowd. 'Timeless' is an apt adjective that defines this eyewear brand. Safilo Group S.p.A. is declared as world's second largest eyewear manufacturer under which there are 5 core eyewear brands – Carrera, Polaroid, Safilo, Oxydo and Smith Optics.

Since Safilo is such a big name, you can find all types of shapes, styles and material frames and glasses under this brand. The unique blend of tradition and innovation has made Safilo one of the most liked and top-seller eyewear brand in the world. Safilo prescription glasses and sunglasses reflects both style and comfort.

Safilo eyewear products are now available online. You can shop for these high-end glasses, conveniently at Optically.